APEX Health Movement Classes & Programs

At APEX Health Movement, we are proud to offer two different programs, designed by our highly qualified Accredited Exercise Physiology team. We aim to cater to the diverse needs of our clients, assisting them in achieving their fitness objectives, recovering from injuries, or simply enhancing their overall health within a supportive and intimate group setting.

Our programs can be summarised as follows:

  • APEX Clinical Exercise (ACE) Sessions: Dive into a world where your fitness journey is personalised and closely monitored. Delivered in a semi-private group format and accommodating 4-6 participants; you have the opportunity to implement your own tailored exercise program under the close supervision of our accredited Exercise Physiologists and/or Physiotherapists.
  • Live Balanced Sessions: Designed with the beginner in mind, experience a blend of fitness and fun with our Live Balanced program! This program is primarily focused on creating an enjoyable and vibrant atmosphere. Delivered in a circuit-based format, these sessions are coached and led by our expert Exercise Physiologists. Emphasising basic movements, we invite participants to jump in and move at their own pace, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose amongst like-minded individuals. Picture a space filled with music, laughter, and positive energy – this is Live Balanced, a program where the journey to better health is as enjoyable as the destination.

Ready to start your journey to Discover Your Best Health?

No matter your age, ability, or walk of life. APEX Health Movement is here to support you through your journey.